Item Number:NBDB-DECSB-ADA6-25-2005
Salary Grade / Monthly SalarySG 6 – 17,553.00
Person(s) Needed:1
Place of Assignment:Office of the Executive Officer
Education:Completion of two-year studies in college
Experience:None required
Trainings:None required
Eligibility Needed:Career Service Sub professional / First Level Eligibility
Actual Duties and Responsibilities:> Prepare routine office correspondence, reports, memoranda, and forms, and type the same for review of immediate supervisor.
> Maintain a systematic and efficient system of filing of correspondence, office circulars, memoranda, reports and other documents for reference.
> Perform clerical work such as sorting, collating, recording and indexing.
> Perform other related tasks as may be assigned from time to time.
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