AFCC Asian Children’s Book Award by Genting Singapore

The AFCC Asian Children’s Book Award by Genting Singapore (ACBA) is a joint initiative between the National Book Development Council of Singapore (NBDCS) and Genting Singapore PLC (GENS). As Asia’s largest children’s book award, it aims to raise the profile of children’s picture books published in Asia by an Asian team, and encourage the production of quality picture books with a focus on Asian themes and settings. This award is the first of its kinds to give equal recognition to not just the writers and illustrators of picture books, but also the translators. With this added emphasis on translation, the Asian Children’s Book Award looks to promote the publication of Asian children’s books in multiple languages, extending their reach to other countries in the region and beyond.

ACBA EDM - English

ACBA 2017 Entry Form

ACBA 2017 Rules & Regulations


  • To recognise and award an excellent picture book from Asia
  • To recognize the author, illustrator, and translator’s contributions to the creation process
  • To encourage and inspire the publication and translation of more Asian picture books, and make them available to a wider audience in the region and beyond
  • To stimulate public interest and support for Asian picture books

The Asian Children’s Book Award offers a total of S$30,000 the winning work: S$10,000 for the writer(s), S$10,000 for the illustrator(s), and S$10,000 for the translator(s) (in the case where there is no official translation of a winning work, the translator’s prize money would instead be given to the publisher as a translation grant for the express purpose of publishing an English translation of the winning picture book).

The 2017 Asian Children’s Book Award is now open for submissions! The submission deadline is 6 January 2017. The full Rules & Regulations will be available very soon.