The National Book Development Board (NBDB), the government agency mandated to develop and support the Philippine book publishing industry, has recently launched a call for applications for the National Book Development Trust Fund (NBDTF) Grant for 2015. Authors and organizations are invited to submit at least 25% of their manuscripts or research works for books. The chosen works will receive a grant of P200,000.00 each.

Manuscripts/research works for books should be on any of the following:

1. Local History and Culture (written in Filipino, English, or any Philippine language)

Local history includes the history of places, people, and events defined by a geographical area in the Philippines (cities, towns, barangays, local government, and regional areas). It also includes the culture and characteristics of the people represented in the local community.

2. Traditional Medicine / Integrative Medicine / Tropical Medicine

Traditional Medicine includes knowledge, skills, and practices based on the theories, beliefs, and experiences indigenous to cultures in the Philippines that are used in the maintenance of health, as well as in the prevention, diagnosis, improvement, or treatment of physical and mental illness.

Integrative Medicine includes knowledge, skills, practices, developments, and achievements related to medical care that combines traditional and modern medicine.

Tropical Medicine includes research on the diagnosis, prevention, control, and treatment of tropical and/or infectious diseases, particularly those of public health importance or are major causes of morbidity and mortality in the Philippines.

3. Food Science and Technology / Organic Agriculture / Sustainable Agriculture / Agritourism

Food Science and Technology includes research, novel theories, and technologies related to the production, processing, packaging, storage, distribution, preparation, and marketing of food and food products in the Philippines, particularly rice and rice-based products, local crops, traditional fermented food, and fish and other marine products. It may cover food and ingredient origins, discoveries in procurement of raw ingredients/materials, and food security issues and challenges in the country.

Organic Agriculture includes research on methods of agriculture that exclude the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.

Sustainable Agriculture includes research on agricultural and natural systems that focus on long-term ecological health.

Agritourism includes research on tourism in the Philippines that focuses on agriculturally based operations or activities.

4. Popular Science

Popular science includes research on Filipino robotics and Filipino inventions. It may also cover research on programs and/or competitions that support Filipino designers and inventors including students.

Deadline for submissions is on May 31, 2015. click to download the following: Application Form , Submission Guidelines and Implementing Rules and Regulations of the NBDTF . For queries, please send an email to [email protected].