Chief Administrative Officer (SG 24)
Item No: NBDB-DECSB-CADOF-46-2005


Education: Master’s Degree or Certificate in Leadership and Management
from the CSC

Training: 40 hours of supervisory/management training/learning and
development intervention

Experience: 4 years of supervisory/management experience

Eligibility: Career Service Professional/Second Level Eligibility


> Plans, organizes, and directs operations relative to financial
management and general administrative services including personnel management, property and supply, building and grounds maintenance, records keeping, accounting, budgeting, and cashiering;

> Plans, implements and evaluates human resources development programs, projects, and activities to ensure the efficient delivery of such services as personnel incentives and awards system, employees relations, staff training and development, selection, hiring and promotion, and position reclassification and upgrading;

> Formulates and advises management on financial and general administrative policies, sound supplies and inventory control, cashiering, records keeping, accounting, budgeting, and administration in accordance with the General Appropriations Act and those set by the Governing Board;

> Coordinates the preparation, finalizes, and submits reports to the Executive Director for transmittal to the concerned government agencies; spearheads the conduct of performance target setting and evaluation for the agency and the Secretariat staff; coordinates other civil service-related activities.

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Executive Director III

Attention: Ryan A. Esteban
OIC Deputy Director
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