The National Book Development Board (NBDB) has extended the deadline for the 2014 National Book Development Trust Fund Grant (NBDTF). Authors with manuscripts for books may submit their entries until May 30, 2014. The chosen manuscripts will receive a grant of P200,000.00 each.

Manuscript/s for books should be on any of the following:

1. Islamic Studies in the Philippines

This includes forms of theology and religious thought, Islamic civilization, literature, economics, history, historiography, law, philosophy, and culture in the Philippine context.

2. Gender Studies (Women in Science) written in English or Filipino

This includes the accomplishments, achievements, and contributions to science of one (1) or more Filipino women scientists.

3. Biodiversity/Health and Wellness

Biodiversity includes research on genetic variation, species variation, and explores micro-organisms and ecosystems.

Health and Wellness includes research on a person’s physical, mental, and social well-being. It may cover emotional stability, spirituality, and lifestyle choices.

4. Advancement in Medicine in the Philippines/Tropical Medicine

Advancement in Medicine in the Philippines includes treatments, devices, or breakthroughs that may be beneficial to patients and will improve the delivery of healthcare.

Tropical Medicine includes health problems and advancement that are unique or are more widespread in the tropical or subtropical regions, especially in the Philippines.

The Fund is envisioned to support and promote Filipino authorship and to complete local manuscripts or research works for publication, especially in Science and Technology, and in subject areas where locally-authored books are either few or non-existent.

Click to download the following: Application Form , Submission Guidelines , and Implementing Rules and Regulations of the NBDTF .