“What do you call it when two spiders get married? A WEBBING!”
DOOBIEDOO ASKS funny (and pun-ny!) questions. One day, he asks Mom and Dad a rather unusual one: “What is wrong with me?” Determined to help Doobie out, they discover he is on the autism spectrum. But how can first-time parents overcome unexpected challenges to help their son gain the confidence to succeed in school, and go back to being the happy, pun-ny boy everyone loves?
DOOBIEDOO ASKS is a semi-autobiographical story for all parents and kids to enjoy. This book is an Official Selection of the 1st Philippine International Comics Festival (PICOF.)

“The book feels so much like a warm hug… “Doobiedoo Asks” makes you feel that somebody finally sees you, hears you, understands you, and loves you unconditionally anyway… It is a very satisfying read on so many levels, and the story and characters will remain with you for a very long time.”
— May Tobias-Papa, award-winning children’s book author and illustrator whose works include Araw sa Palengke and Estrellita, the Little Wishing Star

“When many people are lacking empathy, it’s always inspiring to see different ways to counter that. I believe the book is successful in creating empathy in people who may have a narrow view of autism.”
— Eric Pineda, DreamWorks Storyboard Artist.

““Dooiedoo Asks” is a rare insight into the life of a child with autism, but it does so with such flair that makes us readers, not look at what they’re missing, but look forward to celebrating their successes with them.”
— Mark A.J. Nazal, Filmmaker and Emmy Award Winning VFX Artist

Name of Author: Bambi Eloriaga-Amago
Name of Illustrator: Roland H. Amago
Name of Publisher: Komiket, Inc.

Priced at 400 pesos, Doobiedoo Asks can be ordered through:

For inquiries, you may contact the publisher, Komiket at komiketinc@gmail.com; or the author, Bambi Amago, through bi_bams@yahoo.com.