NBDB Books are Love Giveaway

February 14 is International Book Giving Day! (And that other important day.)

Get a chance to win books for yourself and your chosen library* in the NBDB Books are Love Giveaway.

1. Post a photo of your chosen library on Facebook.

2. Tell us a bit about your chosen library in the captions.

3. Tag the NBDB (nbdb.phil) in your post.

4. Use the hashtag #bookgivingday and #booksphilippines.

5. Tag at least 5 friends in your post.

6. Check the NBDB Facebook and Instagram pages on Feb 14, 12PM, to see if you won**. (Like our pages, too!)

Don’t worry. We’ll include all entries in our list of libraries for future donations.

Watch out for updates!

*school libraries, public libraries, reading centers, etc.

**Winning participants may visit the NBDB office to have their books claimed and to have a chance to borrow National-Book-Award-winning books for a full day. If you’re outside Metro Manila, share with us how you can take care of shipment from our office to your chosen community.