Station: Field Monitoring, Education and Training Division
Rate: Salary Grade 11 + 10% premium

Job Description:

1. Design digital media campaigns aligned with the NBDB theme or branding;
2. Develop concepts, graphics, and layouts for FMETD’s activities such as Booklatan sa Bayan training workshops;
3. Design PowerPoint presentation background templates, infographics, posters, flyers, business cards, banners, and logos for the FMETD’s
4. Manage end-to-end digital project campaigns for FMETD’s activities;
5. Assist in maintaining strong social media presence of the NBDB and FMETD;
6. Develop an effective filing, recording, and cataloging of reports, materials and communications of FMETD’s projects as necessary;
7. Perform other tasks that may be assigned from time to time.

Interested applicants are advised to send through email their application to:

Mr. Ryan A. Esteban, OIC Executive Director
Attn: Neira Andrea G. Castro, HRMO
3rd/4th Floors Regalado Hive Bldg., Regalado Ave.
Fairview, Quezon City
[email protected]

The subject line of the email should be read as “Position Applied for – Full Name of Applicant” (e.g. Graphics/Layout Artist – Juan A. Dela Cruz).

Attachments such as the Application Letter and Resume should be in a single PDF file.

Deadline of Submission of Application: February 3, 2021