Multi-talented singer/actress Karylle joins the roster of stars promoting the love of books and reading as the latest celebrity endorser of the National Book Development Board’s (NBDB) “Get Caught Reading” campaign.
Karylle firmly believes that reading books should not end after school especially if you want to keep challenging your mind and keep your brain working even after graduation. She herself started reading non-schoolbooks again only a few years ago when she started buying books as gifts for loved ones. The habit of reading, as she attests, is something that everybody is never too old acquire. In spite of her busy schedule, her play Seussical the Musical stages this December, Karylle makes sure she spends enough time reading.
To get herself into the habit of reading, Karylle started by reading children’s books and, together with a group of friends, formed their own book club. She insists that instead of making excuses not to read books, everyone should think of ways of how they can encourage themselves to read books. “Buy a children’s book, if that’s your stage in reading. Buy picture books, maybe you should start there. Find something that works for you,” suggested Karylle.
Reading has also helped her tap her creative side especially since she writes her own songs. Aside from personal experiences, Karylle says she gets inspiration to write songs from people she looks up to who also write. Her favorite Filipino poet is Benilda Santos and Karylle said that being able to meet and talk to her made her feel that she can write too.
The books Karylle reads range from chic lit and children’s books to poetry and essays, like the compilation of works of different women across the world Imagining Ourselves, chic lit books How To Meet Cute Boys and Around the World in 80 Dates, Poetry Out Loud, Filipino children’s books, books by Dr. Seuss, and the works of Paolo Coelho.
Karylle has also actively participated in other reading advocacies like NBDB, the Filipinas Heritage Library (FHL), and Adarna House’s Teens Read, Too!
To support the Get Caught Reading Campaign-Philippines, call NBDB at 929-3887 or send your e-mail to