Former Pinoy Big Brother teen housemate Matt Evans is the latest addition to the roster of stars supporting National Book Development Board’s (NBDB) Get Caught Reading campaign.

Evans, who joined the ranks of Ramon Zamora and Janno Gibbs when he played the role of the legendary komiks and movie hero Pedro Penduko in the small screen, admits that the worlds he explores whenever he picks up a book takes him to realms as magical and surreal as the worlds of his on-screen alter ego Pedro. His curiosity of the paranormal and the unknown as a teenager has led him to the pages of horror books like True Philippine Ghost Stories. Just like most active boys his age, Matt also easily gets hooked on adventure-filled stories, from the heart-stopping suspense of Harry Potter’s Quidditch game to the adventures and triumphs of Captain America.

Brad Pitt’s guile portrayal of the Greek hero Achilles in the movie Troy filled Matt and his friends with much enthusiasm for mythology that they trooped to another friend’s encyclopedia collection at home to know more about the Trojan and Greek heroes. Matt believes though that all the adventures, drama, and action that we find in many different books can be found in just one book. “All kinds of stories can be found in the Bible. There’s drama, action, and fantasy.” A devout Baptist, Matt was raised to get into the habit of reading the Bible everyday. He reads at least three chapters of the Bible each night before going to bed.

Matt debunks the common belief that boys are difficult to encourage to read. He shared that as a high school student, seeing classmates who sat in one corner of the classroom to read non-school books piqued his and his other classmates’ curiosity to inquire about what the person was reading. Eventually, many in the class were also encouraged to read books.

“Sometimes when we’re together, my friends and I talked about books that we’ve read, which eventually influenced the rest of us to check out the books we’re talking about.” Matt said that just like how most young boys bring up the latest on-line games during conversations with friends, they could also bring out the readers in their barkada by talking about the books they have read as well.

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