Beauty queen-turned-TV host Miriam Quiambao is one of the celebrity bookworms supporting the NBDB’s Get Caught Reading campaign. Known to be an ardent supporter of many social causes, Miriam joins NBDB in helping make the Philippines a reading nation and shows Filipinos how reading has helped her accomplished what she has achieved.

“I’ve always liked reading books. I remember when I was in elementary I liked Enid Blyton, and then in college there was Judith McNaught. Back when I was in Hong Kong, when I did not have work, I would just be collecting one book after another. When I got back home, I brought two giant balikbayan boxes of books, and I couldn’t even fit them in my new apartment!” shared Miriam.

When not busy with her TV shows and school (she is taking up Venturing into Entrepreneurship at the Asian Institute of Management), Miriam finds time for herself and unwinds through books that are inspiring and uplifting. Titles in her bookshelves include Joel Osteen’s Your Best Life Now, Don Miguel Ruiz’s The Mastery of Love, and Lance Armstrong’s autobiography It’s not About the Bike: My Journey Back to Life. She also just obtained a copy of Angelina Jolie’s memoir Notes from My Travels, which chronicles Jolie’s travel missions as a UN ambassador.

Miriam is happy to see more and more book stores opening these days and hopes this spreads to the rest of the country. She believes that in spite of the many other media that start to replace books as the primary reading material, holding a book and perusing its pages is still the best way to take you places. She hopes that whenever she is caught carrying a book with her, Filipinos would also be influenced to take time to read, as she, in spite of her very busy schedule, tries to do.

To boost the country’s reading culture, Miriam encourages sharing and discussing with other people the books you have read. “It is fun to discuss books with people so you can exchange ideas. It’s important because it enhances the reading experiences when you have interaction, and it stimulates more interest in reading books.”