Myth, Magic, and Childhood: A VIRTUAL EXHIBITION

21 Oct 2021 (Thursday) 4:00pm PHT / 10:00am CET                              

Books Philippines puts the spotlight on its children’s books illustrators with an exhibit of art from selected titles. The illustrations will be available for viewing online through Books Philippines’ dedicated portal for FBM 2021.

As children of the islands, we grow up basking in the eternal summer. A few months out of the year, monsoon rains prevail, whipping our homes with heavy droplets and whirling ípuípo (tornado).

As we go through life, our families are with us, and we are never left alone. At home, rooms are shared, meals are taken together, and boundaries are often blurred to give way to pakikisáma (smooth interpersonal relationships). Our family is not just limited to our siblings, parents, and grandparents. Kinship extends beyond blood, and our neighbors and kababáyan (townmates) are families.

The children of Bathalà (Great Creator) are exposed to epics, stories, and songs in varying languages. It’s all same-same to us but still different. Teachers speak in English, grandparents talk in the language of their home province, parents discuss current events using the lingua franca of the big city, and neighbors might converse in another dialect. Diversity is experienced early on and encourages deeper connections with another.

Children are brought into the spiritual journey early. Most Filipinos are religious but this is mixed with indigenous practice to reflect their experiences through time, no matter how cosmopolitan the city has become.

As kids grow into adulthood, these memories prevail. Myth, Magic, and Children reminds us of Filipino childhood and how magical it is to be a child of the islands, in our archipelago of stories.

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