NBDB Translation Subsidy Program 

The National Book Development Board of the Philippines (NBDB) offers translation grants to Philippine publishers who sold translation rights of a published Filipino work to a foreign publisher.

The grants aim to introduce Philippine culture, art, and literature to the world and allow foreign readers to read Philippine literature in their native languages.

Grants will cover translation costs to a maximum of US$1,500 per title.

Who may apply?

Philippine publishers who sold translation rights of a published Filipino work to a foreign publisher (license and translation contracts must have been executed) may apply.


• A publisher must have an active backlist of at least 20 titles.
• Book publishing must be the company’s primary trade.
• A publisher must have effective distribution network and marketing and promotional plans for the chosen work.
• License agreements and translation contracts must already be signed at the time of application.
• The chosen work must be published in the Philippines and written in any of the country’s languages (Filipino, English, and other Philippine languages).
• The book must have at least 48 printed pages, except if children’s fiction.
• Eligible genres include:

o fiction (novels, novellas, or short story collections)
o poetry
o children’s fiction (excluding picture books)
o biography and autobiography
o graphic novel
o creative non-fiction
o essays
o literary criticism
o scientific works

• Application for translation grants must be done prior to the printing stage.

Application Process

Applications are due on December 29, 2016 (Thursday).

Interested publishers should email their applications to oed@nbdb.gov.ph with the subject: NBDB Translation Subsidy Program Application (Name of publishing house).

The following documents should be attached*:

• completed application form (Download here)
• a publisher profile of the Philippine publisher
• a publisher profile of the foreign publisher
• a signed license agreement
• a signed translator’s contract
• a copy of the translator’s Curriculum Vitae (CV)
• an 8-10 page translation sample of the chosen book
• an one-page evaluation of the translator’s work
• an outline of marketing and publicity plan of the foreign publisher. Plan must include the following details:
o date of publication
o area of distribution
o print run (minimum of 2,000 copies)
o price of book
o estimated readers
o promotional plans

*all required attachments should be in PDF format.


The entries will be screened by the NBDB. Applications will be judged according to the chosen book’s artistic merit, the publisher’s and translator’s reputations, and the quality of the marketing and promotional plans.


Grant results will be announced one month after the application deadline. Grant winners will be notified by email.

For successful applicants, the NBDB will give a Letter of Offer with the Terms and Conditions and performance measures of the grant.

Notified applicants have two weeks to accept the offer by signing a Letter of Offer Reply Slip.
Failure to send the reply slip within two weeks will forfeit the grant.

The translated book must be published one year after the grant is awarded.

Grant payments

The translation grant will be paid in two installments.

Fifty percent will be awarded after the translation is completed.

The remaining fifty percent will be given after the publisher submits three print copies of the book, with the NBDB logo placed on the copyright page of the book.

Contact Information

For inquiries, please contact:

National Book Development Board
Unit 2401 Prestige Tower
F. Ortigas Jr. Road, Ortigas Center,
Pasig City 1605, Philippines
Telefax: +63-2-570-6198 or +63-2-687-1804
Email: helpdesk@nbdb.gov.ph