A discussion on the current state of the Filipiniana section in mainstream bookstores as well as a few specific ways to re-vamp and re-imagine its role in achieving a robust and internationally competitive book industry.
Speaker 1: Mayra David, University of Glasgow
Speaker 2: Kristian S. Cordero, Ateneo De Naga University Press
Speaker 3: Honey C. De Peralta, Filipino Readercon

The Philippine International Literary Festival (PILF) is a landmark project of the National Book Development Board (NBDB) that celebrates literature and promotes best practices through discourse on issues, opportunities, and trends shaping the book industry. The PILF 2019 was held at The Great Eastern Hotel, Quezon City on June 14 – 15, 2019.

PILF 2019 E01: Traditional Publishing in the US; Bodegon, Chupeco, Evangelista, Tran, Villanueva: https://youtu.be/pUQqOoicPuk
PILF 2019 E02: Citizen Writer: How Words Can Change the World; Syjuco: https://youtu.be/GgVRIBp8b88
PILF 2019 E03: From Bricks to Online Bookstores; Arciga, Pasion-Flores, Almario, Garcia: https://youtu.be/Er-JEEkP4-8
PILF2019 E04: Impact of Libraries to Communities; Tadiar, Carungui, Chico, Galvez, Guanlao: https://youtu.be/B4asiGmvsxs

About the PILF and BIS Video Highlights

In 2019, the NBDB held the Philippine International Literary Festival (PILF) on June 14-15 and the Book Industry Summit (BIS) on November 20-21. PILF is a landmark project of NBDB that celebrates literature and promotes best practices through discourse on issues, opportunities, and trends shaping the book industry. BIS tackles trends and best practices in the book publishing business and serves as a platform for industry players and stakeholders to forge partnerships aimed at increasing the number of books, enhancing book quality, improving book affordability, and widening of book discoverability.

From these two major events, video highlights of sessions were produced and will be uploaded online from October 9 to 30, 2020 via our official YouTube channel, BooksPhilippines https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFFbYZLHlKDqDMwRoblp6Uw?view_as=subscriber . The episodes are listed below together with the schedule of release.

PILF10 E01 – Traditional Publishing in the US – October 9, 2020
PILF10 E02 – Citizen Writer: How Words Can Change the World – October 12, 2020
PILF10 E03 – From Bricks to Online Bookstores – October 14, 2020
PILF10 E04 – Impact of Libraries to Communities – October 16, 2020
PILF10 E05 – Reimagining the Role of Filipiniana in Promoting Filipino Writers and Readership – October 19, 2020
BIS 2019 E01 – Raising a New Generation of Readers – October 21, 2020
BIS 2019 E02 – Generating Market for Books – October 23, 2020
BIS 2019 E03 – Developing Partnership with Publishers and Institutions – October 26, 2020
BIS 2019 E04 – Best Practices and Challenges in Developing High-Quality Books – October 28, 2020
BIS 2019 E05 – Content Development Initiatives – October 30, 2020

For the latest sessions on literature and publishing trade, you can view the program of LitPub Conversations to be held on November 9-27, 2020 at https://litpubconversations.eventbrite.com For updates on our upcoming events, please visit our website at www.booksphilippines.gov.ph or Facebook page at facebook.com/nbdb.phil. You may also contact Ms. Mariden Balbona via email at litfest@nbdb.gov.ph for other queries.


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