Pinoy Book Stop Tour 2017: Books, Crafts, and Coffeeshop

Along Ruby Street in Los Baños, a quaint secondhand bookstore stands to cater to the needs of young students in this university town. Books, Crafts, and Coffeeshop offers a selection of local and foreign books alike. The bookstore also serves as a venue for performers and musicians to share their talent. As one of the stops of the Pinoy Book Stop Tour, Ms. Yolanda Catalla of Books, Crafts, and Coffeeshop was interviewed to give us an insight on her experiences in running a bookstore.


Which section of the bookstore attracts more visitors?

Overall, fiction is the most visited section of the bookstore; philosophy comes second.

If you were given more space, what would you add?

Given more space, we’d love to add books to our inventory and a room for writing and crafting workshops.

What surprised you the most about running a bookstore?

Our surprise was that there is truly a love for reading the old fashioned way, not on gadgets. Holding a book, flipping thru pages, and asking for our thoughts on the book a patron is about to purchase is always a source of joy.

What’s unique about your bookstore?

The bookstore is unique because we love books and that connection can be felt by patrons and clients. We’ve been told that BCC has a wonderful ambience; cozy, friendly. Perhaps BCC transmits all that because my family, parents and siblings, loved to read. We are also fortunate that many of our dearest friends and supporters are book lovers.