Item Number:NBDB-DECSB-PDO1-32-2005
Salary Grade / Monthly SalarySG 11 – 27,000.00
Person(s) Needed:1
Place of Assignment:Policies and Programs Division (will be reassigned to the Office of the Executive Director – Human Resources Management and Development Section)
Education:Bachelor’s Degree Relevant to the Job
Experience:None Required
Trainings:None Required
Eligibility Needed:Career Service Professional / Second Level Eligibility
Actual Duties and Responsibilities:> Monitors the submission of the agency SPMS and prepares summary list of individual  ratings;
> Implements learning and development process for internal and external trainings;
> Assist in the implementation of government policies on personnel administration;
> Monitors the employee incentives;
> Provides analytical data on individual development plans;
> Performs other tasks assigned.
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