Item Number:NBDB-DECSB-PDO3-30-2005
Salary Grade / Monthly SalarySG 18 – 46,725.00
Person(s) Needed:1
Place of Assignment:Accreditation and Publishing Incentives Division (will be reassigned to Industry Development Division)
Education:Bachelor’s Degree relevant to the job
Experience:2 years of relevant experience
Training:8 hours of relevant training
Eligibility Needed:Career Service Professional / Second-Level Eligibility
Actual Duties and Responsibilities:> Monitor, forecast, and evaluate industry revenue and plan relative to the National Book Plan and the Industry Roadmap;
> Lead and oversee the stakeholder analysis and consultations;
> Identify and research opportunities that come up in new, emerging, and existing markets in the book industry to complement and propose to the industry stakeholders;
> Provide input and comments on projects, policy, and other papers related to private sector operations and development across a range of key themes and sectors.
> Assist in the ideation, planning, and implementation of programs and incentives that lead to growth in business and trade for stakeholders;
> Assist in the ideation, planning, and implementation of events which includes international, national, and regional book fairs; and
> Perform other tasks that may be assigned from time to time.
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