Item Number:NBDB-DECSB-STAT1-35-2005
Salary Grade / Monthly SalarySG 11 – 27,000.00
Person(s) Needed:1
Place of Assignment:Industry Research and Management Information Systems Division (will be reassigned to Policy and Industry Research Division)
Education:Bachelor’s Degree relevant to the job
Experience:Experience is not required
Training:Training is not required
Eligibility Needed:Career Service Professional/Second-Level Eligibility
Actual Duties and Responsibilities:> Manages the division’s book industry data bank;
> Requests data pertinent to the book publishing industry from partner government agencies and other data providers;
> Respond to requests for data from stakeholders, partner government agencies, and the public writ large;
> Assists the Policy Section in the provision of technical assistance through providing relevant research and data;
> Prepares, with the PDO III of the Research Section, proposals for research studies for the collection of key industry data, and other data relating to pertinent industry issues;
> Perform other work as may be assigned from time to time by the Division Chief.
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