In a move to professionalize book industry professionals at a wider scale, the National Book Development Board (NBDB), in partnership with the Book Development Association of the Philippines (BDAP), will establish The Book Institute of the Philippines (BIP) next month. Envisioned to be the premier training ground for book industry professionals and aspiring creatives who want to start a career in book publishing, the BIP will cover both basic and specialized topics that will be relevant to creatives in all levels.

As the book authority of the Philippines, the NBDB gives further emphasis in creating a more robust and competitive book industry by investing in its people. The book agency has been steadfast in its continued commitment by nurturing the talents of those who make it possible.“

We want to create an industry where Filipino creatives and book industry professionals are given every opportunity to grow and hone their craft. The Book Institute of the Philippines is just the beginning of our and our partners’ efforts to really ensure that we grow our local talent. In the coming years, we hope to add more specialized courses that will really speak to the needs of the creatives and the demands of readers,” said NBDB Executive Director Charisse Aquino-Tugade.

For its first year, which will be held partly virtually and gradually as a hybrid (on site and online) activity, the following short courses will be offered: Rights Management, Sales and Marketing, Editing Course, Book Design, in addition to mentoring classes. The NBDB and BDAP are excited to launch this project with its initial courses facilitated by Lynette Owen, oneof the world’s leading copyright and rights consultant whose decades of industry experience will largely benefit her students on the promotion and sales of rights.

The UK-based rights consultant will cover several rights-related topics, each of which will be the focus of four different three-hour sessions: (i) translation license contract, advance and royalty on July 30, (ii)  translation license contract, lump sum on August 6, (iii)  contract between publisher and translator on August 13, and (iv)  English language reprint contract (e.g. with US or UK publisher) on August 20, 2022.“

I believe the Book Institute is vital in the professionalization of the Philippine book industry, in ensuring that we continually come out with quality reads and that we’re all constantly exploring new ways of creating and selling books,” said Ani Rosa Almario, BDAP Trustee and Adarna House VP of Product Development.“

The Book Institute gathers both foreign and Filipino industry experts and will hopefully pave the way for university courses that are geared towards publishing,” she added.As the publishing industry slowly eases back into operations, the NBDB reinforces its commitment in leveling the field where all creatives and publishers in the country are empowered through the establishment of the Book Institute of the Philippines.-END-